New Indoor Play Area For Pilates Mom’s Kids

America’s best indoor playgrounds for kids–winter is almost and you need to have your little wildling entertained in a more different way that will make them have fan without necessarily going outdoors for let’s say their soccer practices or usual playground circuits. Or you may be a bit lucky to live in a more favorable climate but all of a sudden, the rain forecast sounds real. Well, that should not worry you in any way because your kids can have lots of fan under any weather scenarios thanks to some of the best indoor playgrounds across the country. 

Orca Coast Playgrounds provides a indoor playground equipment Take a look at this incredible list.

Exploratorium, Skikie, IL –there is hell lot to enjoy at this place and make sure that your kids do not run out of gas before they can have a feel of everything here and I guess you know what this means- I ‘no talk’ ride back home. This place has quite a number of installations including; a water play area for all kids and also babies, Lite-Brite-Like peg board, a full costume dress up area and an engineering station. There is also a network of tubes going up to a height of two and a half stories. This means only one thing that you can easily lose your kids in the excitement. So you need to stay close. 

The Big Playhouse, Westwood, NJ –could as well be called a big play town. The big playhouse has two streets; the Main Street, and the Wall Street. On the main street, children work together and socialize while those on the Wall Street try to take advantage of them.  Children here can enjoy race cars at Tom’s Speedway, play house in a Cozy cottage, pitch hay in a barnyard or even pretend to go for grocery shopping. Basically these are all the things usually done by adults back home.

Splash Zone, Chelsea Piers, Stamford, CT –everybody likes swimming in winter whether they are kids or adults and if you really need to enjoy the winter’s sun, then a visit to Chelsea Piers, Stamford would be an ideal option. The splash zone measures 6,000 square foot and has 3 water slides. Orca BBB On the downside however, anyone less than 42-inches tall cannot ride but on the upside, you can rent a towel for only$2.

The Art Farm in the City, New York, NY –a great city attraction. This is a petting indoor playground located indoors where kids get the opportunity to pet and give food to several tiny animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rabbits, lizards, and chinchillas. The Art Farm in the City, New York, NY is located on the Upper East Side commonly populated with chinchillas.