Pilates Teachers Suffer Major Injuries From Reformer Pulls

Conditions that can be treated using athletic therapy

An athletic therapist is certified medical personnel with intensive training on musculoskeletal human systems and biomechanics. They operate from a basis of knowledge and training and are able to heal and rehabilitate conditions concerning the muscles, bones and joints with ease to reduce morbidity and mortality. Athletic therapy is not only used by elite athletes but also by other people suffering from musculoskeletal conditions that could be as a result of motor vehicle injuries, occupational injuries or repetitive motion injuries. Here are some of the common conditions that CATA athletic therapy can take care of.

Sprains – A sprain occurs when the ligaments that connect two bones at a joint tear. A sprain occurs most commonly at the ankles but it can occur at any other joints including knees, thumb and wrists. It is common at the ankles because there is a lot of movement there and the ankles are subjected to a lot of pressure from the body. As a sprain occurs it is possible for the patient to hear a popping kind of sound from the joint. After a sprain has occurred, swelling, pain and inability to move the joint will occur.

Strains – A strain on the other hand occurs when the tendons connecting the muscles to the bones tear. Strains are common in the hamstring muscles of the legs. The hamstrings are the muscles at the back of the thigh. After a strain occurs the symptoms seen include swelling, pain and inability to move the muscles affected.

Tendonitis – this is a condition that causes inflammation of the tendons. It is usually caused by repetitive motion of certain parts of the body when carrying out certain activities. This can be from sports or even daily activities like scrubbing, shoveling, incorrect posture, painting and cleaning. The athletic therapist is able to get rid of this condition by suggesting exercises that strengthen the muscles around the tendon. They can also use elevation and other modalities to ensure that you resume your daily activities in no time.

Sciatica – this is any kind of pain that is caused by irritation of the sciatica nerves. This kind of pain usually runs down from the buttocks to the lower legs. It is because the sciatica nerves are located on the buttocks and extend down to the legs. The symptoms of sciatica include pain while sitting, numbness of the legs, weakness of legs, and tingling sensations in the legs. Athletic therapy and some recommended Canadian PhysiotherapyAssociation exercises will help get rid of this problem.

Fractures – a fracture is simply a broken bone. This occurs when the pressure on the bones is more than the bone can take causing the bones to break. There are many different types of fractures that may occur. An athletic therapist is able to use taping, bracing and other support techniques and equipment to ensure that the fractures heal well and in the shortest time possible.

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