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Using massage therapy to treat depression cases

When one has experienced physical pain that can be interpreted as chronic, chances are that they will end up suffering from depression as well. Many  have confirmed indeed that many people who normally seek for pain relief massage are also suffering from depression. One thing to know about depression is that it has major anatomical and physiological components. It is due to this aspect which makes therapy an integral part of the overall healing process of such a client. The first step to treating this depression is by understanding it deeply and its physical manifestation.

Depression exists in different types and an understanding of each type will go a long way in the overall treatment of the same. Below are the different types and how therapy influences each one of them;

Situational depression

Majority of those clients who visit a therapist for a session are situationally depressed. This is because each one of them have those situations they find themselves in which are overwhelming and stressful. Such events and situations are what lead to this kind of depression. If one has lost a loved one and are in the mourning process, then this kind of stress will be manifested in them. The good news is that when those situations are over, a good massage therapy can assist the client in moving out of these kinds of depressions.

Moderate depression

This one is normally a longer term kind of depression. For these ones, they are triggered by events which are not discernable. They have no specific time of the year and are cyclic in nature. For those clients who are in such situations, they are normally on medication which is blend with therapy. During this period when they are also going for sessions, they should be monitored by a qualified mental professional. Such experts should also liaise with the therapists in order to offer the client the best treatment.

Family of origin type of depression

There are some types of depression that are more psychological in nature. For these ones, they stem from issues in the family origin that have been unresolved for years. Most of these clients will seek for massage therapy but may need medication as well. For such persons, depression cases have been around since their childhood years. This gives the body plenty of time to grow into depression and such situations will get worse if there are issues arising in their lives.

Severe depression

For these types, a client will need heavy medication and hospitalization. For these clients, it is unlikely that they will come for sessions until they have undergone months of both chemical and psychological therapy. Nevertheless, a good massage therapist is needed for the full recovery of such a client. A therapist will need to work closely with a psychiatrist and monitor any potential relapse. 

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