Combining a ladder with two sliding platforms might seem like no big deal, but the deceptively simple CoreAlign, designed by a top physical therapist, delivers a true muscle-sculpting and cardio combination. Both safe and effective, your workout starts with simple moves and then increases in difficulty until you reach a sweat-soaked, muscle-shaking sense of accomplishment.

The 55-minute workout combines challenging strength work, core-controlled aerobic training, and deep stretches. You will leave feeling refreshed, limber, and toned with a wonderful sense of posture.


CoreAlign FAQ

What is CoreAlign?

CoreAlign is a whole new way to work out that combines challenging moves with core-controlled aerobic training.

Who invented CoreAlign?

CoreAlign was developed by Israeli physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman. He approached Balanced Body Pilates to further refine his invention. After five years of testing and development, Balanced Body and Hoffman have produced a piece of apparatus that is deceptively simple looking and uniquely challenging.

How does CoreAlign feel?

The platform moves smoothly and is handled easily by both beginners and advanced while the sturdy ladder provides stability and a surface to work against. You can stand on the platform or place your hands on the apparatus to work out every single muscle in your body!

How much does CoreAlign cost?

CoreAlign at Modern Pilates in Brookline is pleased to offer an introductory package of 3 private sessions for $99. Following these sessions, we offer package-based class sessions and are happy to talk to you about your needs and preferences. CoreAlign pricing is comparable to Pilates equipment classes.

Can I mix CoreAlign with Pilates?

Yes! We recommend one Pilates class and one CoreAlign class a week for a “shock your muscles” combination that will create Hollywood sculpting in no time flat. That said, if you already have a weight training routine that you’re happy with, you can take CoreAlign sessions only as your cross-training exercise.

photos courtesy of Balanced Body